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Individual Tax Services

Tax Planning | Tax Preparation | Retirement Planning

A Certified Public Accountant brings education and experience to bear in guiding you through changing laws, uncertain markets, and future needs.

Retirement planning, tax planning and individual tax services and bookkeeping in one office provide an “eagle eye” view of your financial needs.

Tax Preparation

On time, accurate and effective tax preparation for your personal taxes. No matter how simple or complex your personal taxes become, we can handle it, afford ably. CPAs are required by law to be up-to-date on tax changes.

Tax Planning

The right choices during the year can make a big difference in April! Jeff Sprecher, CPA, can advise you on how to make the most of your money. Don’t leave money on the table. Find out ways you can save more and pay less.

Retirement Planning

A little planning now can pay off big time later. Jeff Sprecher, CPA can assist you  in determining the tax ramifications of your retirement decisions.


Helpful Forms

What to Bring

printable list


❑ W-2s from all employers


❑ Statements of income earned from banks, brokerages, and mutual funds (all your 1099s)
❑ December 31st statements of holdings from banks, brokerages, and mutual funds


❑ Statement of interest and property taxes paid from mortgage company(ies) (Form 1098)
❑ If you rent, the total amount paid in 2011 was ________________


❑ Any changes in household (spouse, new children, children leaving the house).
Please bring SS#s and dates of birth for new additions!
❑ Total amount of child care paid in 2014 was _________________
❑ Statement from Child Care Providers, containing their Federal Tax ID # and address.

Refund Information

❑ Where do you want your refund deposited? Please bring voided check.
Social Security/Unemployment/Retirement Distributions
❑ Bring all 1099’s


❑ Total amount of Cash and/or Goodwill donated in 2011 was _______________


❑ Total amount paid for Medical, Dental, Prescriptions, Copays, Premiums was _________________

Business Owners and Landlords (Rental Properties)

❑ Summary of business miles driven _________________
❑ Total amount of rental income was _________________

Employee Expenses

❑ Business miles driven _________________
❑ Cell phone _________________
❑ Computer (if bought) _________________
❑ Tolls _________________
❑ Meals _________________
❑ Entertainment _________________


❑ Most recent Life Insurance Statement

Don't Stress. Call Jeff.

Taxes don’t need to be stressful. You CAN afford a CPA, which provides peace of mind every April!

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